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Top 5 Ways to Buy Lampshade Frames

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There are numerous choices of Lampshade Frames available in the market. Finding the lampshades is easy, but choosing the right one is another choice. The Lampshade serves way more than just a tool for lighting, but it also serves as decoration to the room. If you are looking for the right one, here are the top 5 ways to consider when buying lampshade Frame.

Compare Items

There are the actually enormous amounts of Lampshade Frames for Sale to choose from. The truth is the choice can be quite overwhelming. When looking for the right one, it is important to search some information related to the lampshade. Compare and contrast the item that you like before decide one. You can do the research online if going back and forth the stores are not exactly your thing. There are lots of lampshades to choose from, but compare the price and the features are basic.

Lampshade Frames for Sale
Lampshade Frames for Sale

Comparing the items will prevent you from overpaying. It also helps you to set the budget limit and not going for an item which is beyond your reach. Sort out the list of you do the research and you finally choose one that suits your need.

Choose Quality

The old saying when you buy cheap Lampshades Frames, you will end up buying twice is always true. The most important factor when choosing the lampshade frame is the quality. You need to understand the difference between the high and poor quality lampshades. When you take quality into consideration, you will certainly save more times and money, especially in the long run. Speaking of lampshades quality, it is important to look at the wire lampshades frames. The lampshade wire should be heavy in weight as it will more durable and long lasting.

Besides quality, you need to also see whether the wire is painted or not. There are some lampshades with bare wireframes since it is unsightly. If it is not painted, you can give some touch of white paint and it works like magic. If you do not want to take the hassle of painting Wire Lampshade Frames, you can order the custom paint wire or buy painted one.

Wire Lampshade Frames
Wire Lampshade Frames

Choose Types of Lamp Shades

In general, there are two types of lamp shades to choose. You can choose the types according to your need.

  • Soft back lamp shade – the soft back lamp shades are mostly referred as silk or soft shades. This shade can be made from numbers of material such as satin and linen. The inner layer of soft shade is made from fabric; then, it is attached to the bottom and top rings using side wires. The soft shade made from fabric serves greater purpose as it is possible to create various shapes. The shape options include the bell-style shade, rounded corners, and scalloped edges. In addition, the outer layer of fabric is possible to be stretched, pleated, or shirred to add more visual effect. The best point of the soft back lamp the shade is it can be washed. However, the liners may possibly get tear or the color fade due to the heat from the light bulb.
  • Hard back lamp shade – the hard back lamp shade is a kind of decorative outer layer made from fabric or paper which is laminated on the plastic liner. The hard back piece is attached to the bottom and top ring of the frames, creating the lampshade shape. It also requires glue to secured the edged and form a seam. The plastic liner of the lampshade helps maintain the shape from time to time. It can also create opaque or translucent lights depends on the required light level. The lampshade is available in numerous fabric choices such as silk, linen and satin and it is also available in wide array of colors and patterns. The best thing about hard back lampshades is its affordability due to the sturdy and simple construction. However, such lampshade is not washable and the inner liner is possibly to turn yellow as it age.

Different material and shape of the lampshade give different feel. Parchment lampshades, for example, gives clean look and suitable for a modern and minimalist look. Meanwhile, lampshades made from linen or silk can be rolled or pleated for a different feel. This kind of lampshade works best with a classic and vintage room with a traditional feel. The linen lamp shade, especially in muted color, will work best with a wooden base to give rustic look.

Lampshade Shape

There are numerous lampshade shapes to choose. It is important to choose the right shape and match it with the room for maximal function.

  • Bell shape – the bell lamp shade resembles the school bell with narrow top and flares on the bottom. The light casts downwards which makes it good for reading or desk lamp. This traditional styling of bell shade works best for the conservative or formal room. The lamp shade is a good match to floor lamps and antique lamps.
  • Drum shape – the drum lamp shade features the inspiration of Art Deco to complement modern living space or retro-inspired. The lampshade is shaped in cylindrical with the same size at the top and bottom. It is suitable for both floor and table lamps.
  • Empire shade – empire shade gives sophisticated lighting accent with a classic touch. The cone shape is similar to bell shape but features straight sides. This shape is perfect for the floor, desk lamp, and ceiling fixture as well.
  • Hexagon shade – hexagon shape grabs the attention with the multi-sided shape. Some hexagon models are created with the same diameter for the bottom and top. The shape is available in various sizes and model to suit your need.

Match with the Room

The last important thing when choosing Lampshade Frames is to match it with the room. This includes the pattern, color, fabric, and also the shape. You need to consider how to use the lamp such as floor or table lamp and how you want the lampshade to reflect the light. Also, you need to get the right measurement between the lamp and the room. Fail to choose the right size will reduce the function of the lampshade.

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