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History of rustic table lamps

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Rustic furniture refers to items made from sticks, twigs, logs, and other natural materials. They tend to have wide acceptance as a result of their natural looks; as they reflect a lifestyle that was simpler and in tune with nature. Rustic furniture craftsmen employed simple designs on different woods and incorporated other natural element that reflect the origin of the piece. Lamps happen to be one of the items of furniture that these craftsmen made. Rustic table lamps, crystal table lamp designs, and some other unique table lamps are all products of rustic furniture. The term rustic was derived from National Park Service’s rustic style of architecture which showcased efforts to create buildings that harmonized with the natural environment. Contemporary rustics are made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

unique table lamps
Unique Japanese Design for a Table lamp

Rustic table lamps and other forms of rustic furniture were developed during the mid-to-late 1800s. They were made from natural materials that were in great supply at the time, and are believed to have been made by poor or low income people. These table lamps rustic designs and other forms of unique table lamps like crystal table lamps, served as items of trade for food or cash for the craftsmen. Some studies have associated the period of the great depression and other hard times with the emergence of rustic furniture. However they are not only seen as products of the poor as they are also associated with the great camps built by wealthy Americans in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These camps were built with rustic architecture at their very core; they were characterized by the use of logs, indigenous stone, shingled roofs etc. One very popular product of rustic furniture from this period is the Adirondack chair; designed by Thomas Lee, which is still seen in modern times.

table lamps rustic
Rustic Kenroy Buckhorn Table Lamp

Rustic table lamps were made from wood species such as Willow, Luckony, Mountain laurel, Alaska cedar and so on. In the south, palm fronds were also incorporated into the rustic style. In making the rustic table lamps, two major methods of construction is was employed. First is Bentwork; where the craftsmen made use of soft wood or boiled the wood to get it soft. The soft wood is then bent into shapes and forms by the craftsman’s design and style. The second method is Twigwork. Here the craftsman makes use of sticks in their different forms to build the lamps. And in some cases, the craftsmen employed both styles in their designs. Also, mortice and tenon construction was employed by some craftsmen while some others simply nailed parts together.

In modern times, rustic lamps have been made from materials such as glass, iron, oak, steel, mahogany, beech, and walnut. These materials have been used to produce items like; rustic lamp shades for table lamps, cheap rustic table lamps, rustic table lamps for living room, rustic wood table lamps, etc.

rustic wood table lamps
Pacific Coast Rustic Lighting Wood Table Lamp

Based on the appeal rustic table lamps and other forms of rustic furniture have, the style is most likely not going to fade away easily.

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