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Glass lamp shades fit any decor

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If you are into antiques you have probably seen old lamps and thought, “Why don’t some of them have glass lamp shades?” They probably did but since they are old and have been passed from around from family to family. The shades were probably broken many years ago. You have a modern style home so maybe you are better off not bothering with antiques.

You move on to other considerations for your lighting needs, but you keep being drawn to lamps that need replacement glass lamp shades. Buy the lamp that you love so much and you will be able to find the perfect shade.

glass lamp shades
Decorative Glass Lamp Shades by Caramel Swirl

There are websites where you can find and buy anything from apples to zebra photos, so finding glass lampshades for table lamps or floor lamps should not be a problem. It takes a few minutes to Google the right phrase and you will find the right site, with the right information, to help you make the right purchase. Google stained glass lamps or Tiffany lamps.

A lamp with a wooden base would look lovely with an antique glass lamp shade or vintage lamp shades. By mixing lamps and lamp styles it will add color and texture to your rooms. No more boring rooms when you have attractive and proper lighting. Stained glass lamps are also a nice wedding gift. Be sure to check out how to clean antique glass lamp shades as well as vintage glass lamp shades.

antique glass lamp shades
Antique Glass Lamp Shades – Antique Squirrel Cage Filament – Antique Amber Lighting Teardrop Shape

There is nothing more romantic than the glow of Tiffany style stained glass lamps in the bedroom. Whether an authentic vintage glass lamp shade or a modern, not as expensive reproduction shade, no one will know the difference but you. If you are bored with your current laps, now is the time to try something different and stained glass lamp shades for table lamps can do the trick.

stained glass lamp shades
Stained Glass Lamp Shades by Baroque Worden

One of the most beautiful glass lamps are those that are Tiffany style. They are not true Tiffany lamps since they cost thousands of dollars. You can buy a Tiffany style lamp for any room in your home. They have table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and many other styles. It is their stained glass lamp shades that are their true beauty.

You need to own a certain style of home to have a Tiffany lamp. They fit into any home and any décor. They go very well in a log home. The stained glass lamp shades on Tiffany lamps add a warm and wonderful glow to any room. Glass lamps are perfect in a den or family wood.

You might want to start with something small in order to just add a touch of color. In that case you should get a ceiling fan with a Tiffany light kit. Once you install one in your bedroom you will want more and more Tiffany lights. You can also mix glass lamps with wood lamps or Tiffany lamps.

The options for your interior decorating projects are almost limitless.

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