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Lamps are magnificent and beautiful in every sense!

Place them in just about any part of your home, office or any other space and they’ll lighten and brighten it up exactly the way you want them to!

Hello, my name is Andrew and this blog is meant for lamp shade lovers and other home owners who are passionate about lamps and feel that they posses tremendous capabilities in terms of transforming the entire appearance of their abodes, offices or any other areas!

Right form table lamps to floor lamps, desk lamps, lamp shades, art shade lamps, colorful lamps, there’s simply no dearth of the wide variety, shapes & styles of lamps available in the market today. So, if you’ve already chosen your lamps and want to place them in the right areas or even if you simply need design and home redecorating tips, I have the perfect solutions to all your queries!

Why all about lamp shades?

I strongly believe that lamps can do much more than simply getting rid of the darkness and lightening up your spaces. When picked wisely, lamps can add the much needed elegance and warmth into your spaces and are perfect for filling up the void in your homes and areas. My love and devotion for these beautiful decoration pieces and fixtures is what has prompted me to come up with “All About Lampshades“, a highly innovative and handy blog that offers tons of ideas and suggestions around lamps and how to use them. Through this blog, homeowners and other individuals can collate plenty of useful information, resources, concepts and data around lamps and the best possible areas to add or include them within their abodes and work areas.

So, go through each and every article and post on this blog and find out what types of lamps you need in order to add magic, style and sophistication into your spaces and life!

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